Awareness is a important step in fighting poverty. There are lots of ways you can raise awareness! Here are a few ideas to get you started!

PRINT OFF POSTERS! See attachments below & copy/paste to your program to print off.
Show your support for MCKPASSION and help bring awareness to others about local poverty.

Conversation is one of the best ways to raise awareness. If you talk about local poverty to your friends,then your friends are more than likely to tell their friends and so on and so on! This is important because the more people are aware, the more people are likely to take action and help fight poverty!

Raise awareness in the classroom! Are you taking Composition I this semester? Are you taking a speech course? Why not write about local poverty or give a presentation or speech about local poverty and how students and faculty can help? Are you a Graphic Arts major? What not turn your graphic design project into one to raise awareness about local poverty? Majoring in film production? Why not make a film about the area’s needs and present to your professors and classmates and make a difference! There are lots of ways you can use your class time to help in the community.

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